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Inspired by ABBA, we decided to make Spanish versions of “Oh Susie” and “Ye-Si-Ca”.

We thought they would fit the Spanish and South American market.

A young Columbian musician, Jimmy Jiminez, helped Ola with the pronunciation and the results was so good, the songs became great successes in Spain and in South America. In Colombia, we were number one and three at the same time! “Oh Susie” in Spanish and English!

Ola went to South America alone to promote the group. In Colombia, he participated in some kind of gigantic “Saturday TV entertainment” where he was pushed into a sofa.  There he sat with a very beautiful young woman and some others and wondered what would actually happen.

Then the TV host shouted “Ola!” Plus, something inaudible and then “Colombia!” Ola was convinced that he said “Ola! Welcome to Colombia! “And got up and bowed deeply! All of a sudden everybody was laughing. The audience laughed, the programmer laughed and the cameramen laughed so the pictures jumped!

The program leader had introduced the beautiful young woman on the sofa “Hola Miss Colombia” and Hola, which means hello, pronounced without h, sounds like Ola’s name. So, when Ola got up and bowed instead, everyone thought it was incredibly fun.

I shot the photo on the cover art, when Peter Goldmann directed the Ye-Si-Ca video.

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