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Finally, our first Secret Service album was ready. Of course, the title was “Oh Susie”. Now everyone knew who the members of the group were and both Björn Håkanson and I were down as songwriters. The pseudonyms were gone. The album cover was a still from the video “Oh Susie” –  the roller-skating girl and an older lady looking at her with angry eyes.


In addition to the two hit singles “Oh Susie” and “Ten O’clock Postman”, there were a couple of dreadful songs but also some pretty, though not “hot” items. “She Wants Me” was a popsong where Ola sang as if he was still a 60’s teen idol, while “Give Me Your Love” with my strange grand piano playing was a kind of mix of reggae and Tamla Motown. It was reminiscent of Four Tops, said Ola. Whoever that was – I knew more about Shostakovich and Chopin…


Uffe called me at home late in the evening after we mixed “Give Me Your Love”. He had had some glasses of wine and been listening to the song with his girlfriend. “Tim,”– he said a little drunk and with the song in the background: “I love you! I would like to kiss your feet!”


And that was actually a good grade for “Give Me Your Love”!

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