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Tim is now making his debut as a solo artist with the song Beautiful. Tim says: Most of my songs are melancholic, but Beautiful was a happy love song that I had written after meeting my wife, Lena.

Tim continues: I’ve recorded it at home, I sang and played piano myself, being a little inspired by Elton John's Your Song. For a very long time it lay forgotten on one of the old hard drives, until recently, when I found it. Then, to the 15-year-old demo recording, which included only my lead vocal, falsetto choir and my piano, together with a young Russian music producer Rodion Kravkl, we have added strings, some guitar, bass, and drums.

The mastering was done by my old friend Björn Engelmann from The Cutting Room, who has worked with artists such as The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Westlife, Rammstein, Secret Service and ABBA. Björn really makes the records shine, which he did with my Beautiful.

Music & Lyrics: Tim Norell

Produced by Tim Norell and Rodion Kravkl

Tim Norell: Lead vocal, piano & falsetto choir

Rodion Kravkl: guitar, bass, and string arrangement



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