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New single out now!

Tim Norell from renowned Secret Service band released an instrumental track titled "Together We Stand", which is a powerful manifesto that pledges support for Ukraine. The track infuses the voices of presidents Zelenskiy and Biden. It's a powerful track that conveys a message of hope, love, and peace for Ukraine. The track is a reminder that unity can bring about strength and that together, we can accomplish great things. During the last year the band several times used their music to talk about social and political matters. Ukraine's current situation became an emotional subject to Tim Norell, main author and composer, and he believed he could use his music to make a difference. "Together We Stand" is not just a track, but also a movement towards healing, hope, and unity in these challenging times. It is a powerful statement that calls on people to stand together and support those who need it the most. Tim Norell: "I read that a world-famous Ukrainian boxer who turned into a soldier to help the motherland just shouted "Together We Stand!" and it also became my title for the music I wrote, with quotes from President Zelenskiy and President Biden exclaiming "Kyiv stands strong!" We hope that will apply forever…"

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