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Jane is the follow up to Secret Service's hit single Lit de Parade. It's danceable, bright and brings you back to the romantic 1980’s.

Tim explains: I had an enormous longing for Paris and the French lifestyle when I wrote Jane and I still think the harmonies sounds a little bit ”French”… The instrumental melody that rise up to the choruses symbolise for me a rising optimism. Maybe that's exactly what we all need now in these turbulent times of the world - a rising optimism.

Superb vocals by Secret Service singer John Becker and brilliant production by Peter Boström.

The illustrator Klaus Ivanoff was engaged to make a storyboard of the synopsis for the Jane video. When Tim saw his emotional and artistically stunning drawings of "Jane" in Paris story he decided that these drawings must be the video to "Jane". Now the song feels truly magical.

PS. The drawing in the intro is the famous Paris café Les Deux Magots, which gave name to Tim's Secret Service song Aux Deux Magots back in 1987 if you remember it?


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