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Tim Norell:

“Little Zhora from Kharkiv in Ukraine is probably Secret Service's youngest fan. At 5 years old he sang along to most of my Secret Service songs.

When the Russian bombs and missiles began to fall over Kharkiv, the houses collapsed and many innocent people were killed, Zhora's parents decided that mother should escape with Zhora and his older sister.

At the train station, Dad, who had to stay in Kharkiv bid his little son a tender farewell before the train left the station. This is what "Little Zhora" is about and as it is very personal to me, I sing for once myself!

I feel, like everyone in the whole world, a big frustration at the incomprehensible assault on Ukraine by Russia.

"Little Zhora" and "Mama Tell Me Why" (which soon will come in a new version) are my way as a composer to show my pain.

Andrej Mezhericher and his poetry were a great help when I wrote the text. Slava Tribuhovski has helped me with the production. He has lifted my music arrangement to a stunningly beautiful level. Perhaps he was inspired as he himself comes from Nikolaev in Ukraine.

The result is powerful and touching...and it sounds very Secret Service! Listen for yourself!"

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